Friday, June 22, 2018

8" Hair Stylist Wall Clock Scroll Saw Pattern.

It's always nice to let the people who provide a good service to us know they are appreciated. This 8" wall clock for a hair stylist is a gift you can easily make in an afternoon. The parts are going to cost around $10. 

I designed this pattern to use a 3/4" dial clock movement. That means the back of the clock is 1/2" thick and the ornamentation is 1/4" thick. It's not too difficult to change up the thicknesses of the boards to accommodate what you have on hand.  If you go with a 3/4" thick back board you can route out the area for the clock movement to a depth that lets the clock stem reach through the clock.

This clock will require a quartz clock movement for a 3/4" dial and a set of hands 3 5/8" in length.
Here are the Bear Woods links for the parts.

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