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8" Hair Stylist Wall Clock Scroll Saw Pattern.

It's always nice to let the people who provide a good service to us know they are appreciated. This 8" wall clock for a hair stylist is a gift you can easily make in an afternoon. The parts are going to cost around $10. 

I designed this pattern to use a 3/4" dial clock movement. That means the back of the clock is 1/2" thick and the ornamentation is 1/4" thick. It's not too difficult to change up the thicknesses of the boards to accommodate what you have on hand.  If you go with a 3/4" thick back board you can route out the area for the clock movement to a depth that lets the clock stem reach through the clock.

This clock will require a quartz clock movement for a 3/4" dial and a set of hands 3 5/8" in length.
Here are the Bear Woods links for the parts.

Jigsaw Puzzle Template Book $7. Instant download after payment.

This is a digital product. You will be directed to download the book after payment. This book will not be shipped as a hardcopy book.

Turn wedding, anniversary, birthday and other special occasion photos into unique hand cut jigsaw puzzles. With the templates in this book and the easy to follow video demonstration, you will be cutting the puzzle tonight. 

All the standard photo sizes are included with puzzles templates up to 300 pieces. 

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At the end of the payment select the return to merchant link to download the book. I will also follow up with an email that also includes the link as soon as I see the order.

Heritage Wood Specialties:

Click to visit Heritage Wood.

Buying wood for your scroll saw projects can be challenging. If you are lucky enough to have a full woodworking shop you buy rough lumber and mill your own boards. That won't be an option for many scroll sawyers. They just don't have the tools.

One option is to buy scroll saw ready boards online. I recommend my sponsor, Heritage Wood Specialties.

I received my monthly order today so I thought I would show you what I got.

Before I do that look at the photo above of the Heritage Wood web site. Note the two red arrows. These arrows show the menu that leads to the scroll saw blanks.
 My package always comes well packaged. It comes in a cardboard box. There is usually paper packed in the box to prevent the boards from moving. The boards are always wrapped in plastic wrap to protect them from moisture. When I receive the package I leave the boards wrapped until I need them. They stay moisture free and flat as long as they are wrapped.

When you purchase wood you always need to be aware that wood is a natural product. Boards vary in color and grain pattern. No two boards will be the same. Wood also changes in size due to moisture differences. If yous shop is at a significantly different moisture level you will likely see some movement in the boards. They may twist or warp slightly. This is the nature of wood. You need to responsibly protect the wood and let it acclimate to it's new environment. 
My preference is Walnut and Curly Maple but they have several species to choose from. I also opt for the 1/4" and 1/2" thick boards that are 12" X 16". These boards are glued up panels. Heritage does an excellent job of color matching the panels and sanding them to a ready to cut finish. 

Walnut is one of my favorite woods to cut on the scroll saw. It just cuts beautifully and I think it is a beautiful color when finished. Walnut is also a species that can vary greatly in color from board to board. Heritage does a great job of color matching the panels but you will see some color inconsistencies in the panels occasionally. I have seen some season where Walnut was almost not usable because of the light sapwood. Be prepared for this. You can usually work around this but if it bothers you selece a different species.
 These panels are large enough for almost any project that I will cut on the scroll saw.  I really appreciate that Heritage goes to the trouble of making up these wide panels. It's difficult to get extra wide full boards at a decent price. These panels make it easy and I don't have to do the glue up. 
You can order these panels in 12 X 12, 12 X 16 and 12 X 20 sizes. The come in 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 inch thicknesses. 
Okay, let's talk about what everyone wants to know. How much do these panels cost? As an example, the 12 X 16 X 1/2 board in my package above sells for $20.03. When I put this single board in the shopping cart and enter my address in Kentucky the shipping is $8.95. If I add 5 of these boards to the cart the shipping is $17.95. When possible order in quantity to save on shipping.

Did you faint from sticker shock? I know. Wood is not cheap. Shipping wood is not cheap. Here is the good news. Scroll saw projects often only use small pieces of wood. Back years ago I switched to scroll sawing because I was spending a fortune on wood to build furniture. I could only afford to build two or three pieces of furniture a year. On the scrollsaw, I can build project for months on the budget for one piece of furniture. It's all relative.

If you want to use nice hardwoods you will have to spend more money.  

Heritage also sells Baltic birch plywood that is nice for many projects. They sell B/BB grade Baltic birch ply. This means that all the plys are birch and there are no interior voids. A 24 X 24 X 1/4 sheet is $8.63. 

Let me warn you about the shipping time with Heritage. They are not fast. They tell you up front that they are not fast. They offer quality and a decent price. They tell you to expect 2 to 3 weeks for shipping. Every board is selected, cut and sanded per order. They do not keep inventory. This helps them keep their prices down. Plan ahead when you order. You are not going to get Amazon 2 day shipping here.

I selected Heritage Wood Specialties as a partner because you all told me they were a good source of scroll saw ready boards. I had many readers tell me they order from Heritage and were happy with the purchase. I do not take money from Heritage for their sponsorship. I get a wood package every month in exchange for advertising on the blog. That's the way I wanted it structured. I get to see the product every month. This gives me some insight into how they perform.  

If you have any questions the people at Heritage will be happy to work with you. You can contact them at this email address. sales@ There phone number is 1-800-524-4184

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Then I will show you the technique to take your photograph and make a pattern from it. When the pattern is complete we will go in the shop and cut it.
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The DVD also works fine on a MAC. The viewer program is not MAC compatible but there is an included PDF with all the patterns shown as thumbnails for easy viewing. 

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