Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Simple Family Prayer Scroll Saw Pattern.

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These prayer plaques are eight inches tall. I am showing them with an optional backer board. The backer board gives the letters better contrast. You can cut these plaques from any thickness of wood
that you have available.

I don't think there has ever been a time in my life when I worried about my family more than now. I am a worrier by nature so it is no surprise that I feel this way in these crazy times. I know it is not possible to get through life without challenges but sometimes we need help. Whatever your faith, let it help you get through each day.

How to do research when buying a new scroll saw.

It has not been too many years ago when the only information we had available when buying a new tool was trade magazines and word of mouth. If you were very lucky, you had a local woodworking club where you could ask questions.

Those days of limited information have changed radically. Now we have more information than we can possibly take in. Some of the information is accurate and some of it is garbage. When the information comes from anonymous sources there is little accountability for its accuracy.  All of this information comes at a time when we have even more choices.

Trade magazines are still a good source of information. Unfortunately, there are fewer trade magazines today so that resource is limited. Woodworking clubs can be great sources of information if they have an active membership. Of course, they also have to be within driving distance to you. 

The biggest change in information gathering in the history of the world came along with the internet. You can spend hours on Amazon reading buyer reviews, YouTube watching video reviews, and forums asking questions. It can be a total overload.

The more experience that you have with tools the easier it is to weed out the garbage information. If you are new to the hobby of woodworking, the weeding gets tougher. Don't drive yourself crazy with hours of research. Read a few reviews, watch a few videos, and throw out the best and worst. The truth is usually in the middle someplace.

The big trick is to buy from reliable sources. Do research on the seller's return and service policies. If they don't make it easy then move on. In niche products like the scroll saw, service is not the same as buying a car. Don't have expectations of walk-in service and 24 hour repair time. Ask a few d