Monday, November 6, 2017

Woven Basket Scroll Saw Pattern.
This pattern book has two sizes of basket. The small one that is pictured is not an easy project.
I don't do many moderate or advanced patterns but this one is a moderate level pattern.

The rings on this small basket are very thin. You will have to drill and cut accurately. It will take some makers skills to complete. The pattern books gives only high level instructions. There are details that you will need to work out as you build the project. 
The small basket in the pattern book is 7.5 inches long. I used a spruce panel from Home Depot to make the project. They sell that panel is a strange thickness. They are .6" thick. Depending
on the thickness of the board you use you will have a taller or shorter basket.

The large basket pattern is nearly 15 inches long. That pattern has extra rings to give it the height it needs. The rings are thicker so in some ways it may be easier to cut.
This picture give you an idea of how the basket is constructed. The rings are cut from one board. Every other inner ring is rotated to create a basket weave. The vertical are cut to size and inserted inside the weave as the pieces are glued together.

There are more details in the pattern book.

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