Friday, June 4, 2010

50 State Quarter Desk Sets Scroll Saw Pattern Book.

There is a pattern for every state. Use a 1 inch forstner bit to drill the hole for the quarter. Only drill to the depth of the quarter. Epoxy the quarter in place. The pen funnels and pens are optional. Use 1/2" thick wood for this project. Offset the quarter display to the back of the oval base if you plan to attach the pen funnels.

If you are going to attend any 4th of July festivals this might be a good seller.

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Bob Tucker. A very inspirational Scroll Saw Artist.

The following video is an interview with Bob Tucker. Bob is a scroll saw artist who overcame the disabilities caused by a stroke. Bob lost the use of his right hand and had to relearn scrolling with only his left hand. Bob's story is very inspirational. It just shows what can be achieved with grit and determination.

The interview lasts about 30 minutes and the story of his recovery is not only interesting but very touching.

I receive a good number of emails from readers who have had to overcome disabilities of various kinds and their scrolling was in some cases instrumental in their recovery. Having a goal to achieve is the best way move forward with our lives. Obviously our families, friends and faith are the most important parts of our lives but having a hobby that we are passionate about can be rewarding in so many ways. I have had a hobby of one type or another my entire adult life. I just can't imagine not having the opportunity to create things and meet new friends as the result of my hobby.

Bob Tucker "Another Day, Another Dollar" from Kyle Jurries on Vimeo.

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