Friday, February 16, 2018

Small Trinket Box Scroll Saw Pattern.

 This is a small trinket box. It is only 4" X 3" X 2.5".  It uses 1/4" thick wood. The bottom of the box is held in with three fingers that go through each side of the box. I thought it was important to highlight these finger as ornamentation. To do that I used contrasting colors. The sides and top are walnut and the bottom and hummingbird are maple. 
The lid is held in place with two tabs at both ends of the box. 
The walls of the box are joined with finger joints. You do want to cut these accurately so the fit is good. It's better to cut them a little proud and sand them to fit. 

After you cut all the parts make sure you do a dry fit before you start adding glue. Adjust the fit if necessary then do the glue up. 

The Most Fun Website on the Internet! Special Offer!

Prototype Toy in the Making from
John and Cynthia Lewman.


This is not a paid review. I just love this website. 

Everyone loves toys. What's not to love? They are fun to make, fun to give away and fun to play with when no one is looking. :) Actually, I have reached the age where I don't even care if someone is looking. Playing with a wooden car on my computer desk is just good therapy. Oh yes I do need therapy. 

These toys also market themselves really well. The projects made from their plans are royalty free. You can easily start a business with no more than the plans from this web page

I have known John and Cynthia for several years. I am convinced that they have the Disney World of websites for toy makers. The second you open their site you are going to smile. The more you look around the more you are going to grin all over yourself.

let's start with a free one. In what world would you be able to download this truck pattern for free? That's right this is one of their current free patterns. They release a new free pattern every month. 
All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and you can be building this truck this weekend.

How about an incredible plan for $2. This rocking horse plan would be a steal at it's normal price of $12.95 but it's an insane deal for $2. This full size rocker holds up to 150lb and can be built with your scroll saw, hand drill and a hand saw. This project will easily sell for $100 or more at a craft show.

Check out this customer service. John and Cynthia include label graphics for you to include on a box if you sell the project. Not only that but they also design the pattern so the project will fit a box from That kind of attention to detail is unheard of.

Add to those great deals, the other 350 full size project patterns and you have one incredible website. These pattern are also the highest quality patterns available. They are instant downloads immediately after you complete the purchase. Download and start building today. 

While you are there make sure you check out their forum. Toy-makers talking toy making...

Promo Code: Yea!

I reached out to Cynthia and John and ask if they would offer a promo code for my readers. They really stepped up and made us a fantastic offer. 

Check this out. Not 10%, not 30% not even 40% off. They are going to give you 50% off two or more plans for a period of one week. This offer will expire Friday February 23rd 2018. 

The promo code is....


Don't pass this offer up. Jump over to and start building your toy making empire today........

Modifying Patterns:

Some time ago I published a pattern for this magazine holder above. Today I received the following photos from Elwood Cook. Elwood is a master craftsman. He and his family run a craft business so he is always looking for new projects to make.

Elwood took the pattern for the magazine rack and four other patterns from my catalog and made something entirely his own.  He edited the size of the ornamentation where necessary and combined the patterns into something I think is wonderful.

I just wanted to share the photos and let everyone know that I encourage you to modify my patterns to suit your needs. Edit, mix and match patterns to your hearts content.

Thanks for sharing these photos Elwood. 

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