Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Use Every Scrap

Don't let even the smallest scrap of that exotic hardwood go in the trash. Throw every piece in a box and when you are bored make some key chains.

These are so cheap and fast to make you can give them away with every purchase. Customers love getting something extra they were not expecting. If you pay full retail in a craft store for the hardware you might spend 60 cents per key chain. Buy online and you'll pay half that.

I have included a pattern book with a few key chain patterns. These are really just to give you the idea. Make up your own. You can't find an easier scroll saw project.

These key chains can be a little fragile if you are not careful. I use a 1/4" split ring to connect the chain to the wood. If you just put the chain through the hole it's a little stronger but the ring looks more finished. When you drill the hole for the ring leave as much wood around the hole as possible. You can also super glue very small copper tubing in the hole for strength.

Free Scroll Saw Pattern Download

Email from Mike

I like getting emails from the readers. Here is one from Mike, with a great idea form his wife. Let's face it guys, most of our projects are purchased by women. If your smart you'll listen to what they say.

Thanks Mike.

From: Mike

Hi Steve, Just wanted you to know how much i enjoy your workshop and all the patterns that you post, also want you to know that the wife came up with another idea for your nascar patterns, she had me do a napkin holder from one of them, so am sending you a couple of snapshots of her idea. Tell the other scrollers to listen to their wifes once in a while,, they do come up with some good ides lol.. take care and god bless. oh yes --keep up the good work. Mike