Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"This Place is Full of Nuts" Scroll Saw Pattern.
"This Place is Full of Nuts" is a pattern I think we can all relate to. Maybe at work or even at home. 

Guest Video:
I'm not sure what to says about this video. This gentleman from japan certainly got my attention. If you need a good laugh and maybe a bit of a cringe check this out.
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Information about sponsors:
Two of the most common email questions I receive are, "What scroll saw blades should I buy?", and  "Where can I get thin boards to cut your patterns?". After years of answering these emails I decided to find companies I trust and respect that I could recommend. After vetting a few companies I came up with two that stood out. I contacted them, they did not contact me. 

Bear Woods and Heritage Wood Specialties are both outstanding people to do business with. The reason they stood out is because you all told me they did. I received many emails telling me how happy you were with these online businesses. I evaluated their products and was also pleased.

Does this make me biased toward these companies? Yep. Have either one asked me to be exclusive or change anything I say about their products? Nope. 

My blog depends on your trust. The blog is supported almost entirely from your donations. My deal with both of these sponsors is not a money deal. I told them when we were first talking that this was more about having companies I could trust to take care of you guys.

I receive a few supplies for my shop in exchange for placing their ads on my blog. I am telling you this so you know where I stand with these companies. The deal has little impact on my income so I feel free to tell you the good and the bad.

Are these the only good companies to buy your scroll saw supplies from online. Of course not. I have contacts with several companies who are also fantastic. 

Thanks for being a reader of my blog. Thanks for supporting my sponsors. 

Bear Woods