Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cowboy Boots Scroll Saw Pattern.
I have always loved western art. Frederick Remington has been one of my favorite artists since I was a child. His painting and illustrations are wonderful but I especially love his sculptures.

Time to Talk Shop Safety:

We all love to be in the shop making projects. It's all too easy to get so involved in what we are doing that we forget about safety. This is a great time to spend a few minutes and check your shop for safety issues. Here are a few things to check.

1. Safety glasses clean and ready to wear.
2. Hearing protection in good conditions and handy.
3. Dust mask or respirator clean and easily available.
4. Please no open toed shoes in the shop. I see this all the time and it is a very poor idea. 
5. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry in the shop. Build a small tray beside the shop door to place jewelry as you enter. This keeps you and the jewelry safe.
6. Clean up the shop. Remove any tripping hazards like power cords. If you have to run a power cord use a power cord floor cover. They are not that expensive and reduce trips. 
7. Check all power cords for fraying or breaks.
8. Have a good condition fire extinguisher that is easy to reach. If you have to dig for it, it may be too late. Train your self and other family members in the use of the fire extinguisher.
9. If someone other than your self has access to your shop make sure dangerous tools power stitches can be locked. This is especially true if you have small children. 
10. It's a good idea to have a well stocked first aid kit in the shop or at least in your home.

11. Battery backup lighting is a great safety feature. I just ordered one. I'll let you know how it works when it get's here.
12. Review proper safety procedures for all your power tools.
23. Oily rags in a metal container.
24. Keep all flammable liquids in a fire safe cabinet. Make sure they are labeled correctly. This includes all hazardous chemicals. They should be locked away from children and pets.
25. Keep a list of emergency telephone numbers available next to the shop door.  
26. Check electrical outlets for overloaded circuits. If any of the outlets show burning, reduce the load and replace the outlet. 
27. Do not work in poor lighting. Install lights as needed.
28. Make sure all circuit breakers are labeled and accessible. 
29. Sharp tools are safe tools. A dull blade not only make she job harder it makes it less safe. Sharpen all you blades as soon as they become dull.
30. Clean all you power tools. Make sure the tables are rust free and clean so the wood slides freely.
31. If you have a shop heater inspect it proper operation and ventilation. 
32. Think before you do any procedure that can be unsafe. Do not be in a hurry. Think first and cut second.
33. Please do not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while in the shop. Ask your doctor af any medication you are on could make you unsafe to operate power tools.
34. Use the right tool for the job. A wrench is not a good substitute for a hammer.
35. Make sure all power tools are properly grounded. Do not modify power cords. Extension cords should be of the proper size and length to carry the load of the tool.  
36. Make sure all power tool safety equipment is in good shape and available. Push sticks, safety guards etc.
37. Try to always have someone else available while you are in the shop. I know this is not always possible but having someone within ear shot can be a life saver. 
38. Remove the power cord from the power source before you do any adjustments or repairs to power tools. 
39. Never reach too far. Never reach over a blade to remove material.

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