Saturday, August 11, 2018

Dress up your QI Charger with the Scroll Saw.

When I purchased the new iPhone this year I was happy to see that they now supported QI charging. For those of you not familiar with QI charging let me explain. A QI charger charges the smartphone by simply laying the phone on the charger. No connection to the phone is necessary. They are very convenient.  The newer iPhones support QI charging as well as many Android phones. Check you smartphone specs before you buy a QI charger.

One problem though. They are usually ugly. I decided to dress mine up a little by making a wooden enclosure for it. The enclosure also makes it easier to line up the phone with the charger. If they are off center charging will not start.

This is the QI charger I purchased from Amazon. It is an incredible buy at $8.99 as of this writing. This pattern is designed around this charger. You probably won't find one cheaper so this is a good one to experiment with. The first one I purchased was over $50. This one seems to work even better than the expensive one I purchased. 

Installing this charger in the enclosure has not impacted the charging time at all. The top of the wooden enclosure is around 1/16" thick and does not seem to affect the charging at all.