Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Cats in a Window Layered Scroll Saw Pattern.



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Download the Pattern Below

This pattern has four layers. Each layer is 1/4 inch thick. The pattern comes in two sizes. The large pattern is 10 inches wide and the small pattern is 7 inches wide.

All four layers.

Turn a scroll saw pattern into a 3D printer file with free software. 

In the image above I have a basket that I published a scroll saw pattern for a while back. The bottom image is that basket printed on my 3D printer. In the video below I show the steps to turn the 2d PDF scroll saw pattern into a 3D printer file.

Let me be upfront here. This video uses very complex software. The software is free but the learning curve is high. This video just touches on the surface. You may need to learn more than what I show in the video to be successful. I am just pointing you in the right direction.