Saturday, October 30, 2021

Movie Time Sign Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Add a custom Family Name Sign(Not Included)

Movie night has become more popular with all the chaos in the last couple of years. Many families have set up rooms just to watch movies. Large screen televisions and inexpensive projectors have made the experience even more theatre-like.

This pattern is three layers thick. Each layer is 1/4" thick. You can add a family name sign to customize the project. The sign is 10" X 8"

I just purchased an HD Projector from Walmart. It was only $240 so I really did not expect too much. I was wrong. In a semi-dark room, the picture is very good. The colors are saturated and the contrast is decent but not great. I installed it in my basement and have a 10-foot screen for movies and sports. I have a walk-out basement with big windows. I installed blackout curtains so I could watch during the day. I am already thinking about upgrading because I like it so much. I'm pretty cheap so I will probably make do. I will get a screen to make the image better. I am projecting on the wall right now.

This is not an affiliate link. I bought the Vankyo V630W. It is a native 1080P projector. This is important because some ads say 1080P compatible. These are lower resolution projects but will play 1080P just at a reduced resolution. In my research, I found that trusting the specs in the ad is questionable. Read online reviews. YouTube has tons of projector reviews. 

Here is a link to what is available on Amazon. This is an affiliate link. They range from under $100 to well over $1000. I would not get under the $250 mark if you plan to watch HD content. 

I paired an Amazon  Fire TV Stick with my projector. Between cable tv and the fire stick there is tons of content available.