Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Motocross Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This is a layered motocross pattern. I'll be honest that I know very little about motocross. There could very possibly be technical details that are incorrect. I kept it basic to try to eliminate those errors. 

The project is 10" long and had three primary layers with spacers between each layer for strength. All the parts are cut from 1/4" thick Baltic birch plywood.

If you would like to personalize the pattern, remove the first layer and replace it with the rider's name and number.

I am trying to add more patterns that fit different demographics. I was hoping this one might appeal to some teens. 

Who doesn't like Popcorn?

This is not a sponsored ad or affiliate link. I am doing this as a thank you to one of my subscribers who was kind enough to send me some samples of his popcorn. It was dang good popcorn.

He is new to the scroll saw and was asking for some purchase information. We exchanged a couple of emails and he thanked me with the popcorn samples. 

I got the caramel, cheddar, and movie. The bag of caramel did not make it through the first day. I also sampled the cheddar and movie.  To my surprise, the cheddar was my favorite. I love caramel so I thought that would be my favorite. When I tasted the cheddar I told my wife that it was the best popcorn I have ever had. She grabbed her bag and agreed. It really is good.

They sell locally in the Pittsford, NY area and they also have a website that ships nationwide.

Also check out their wedding bar, fundraiser, and business offerings.

It looks like the bags average a little over $4 a bag. The bags are enough for two small snacks or one large snack. They have a 1-gallon tin bucket for $21.97.  I checked Amazon and the price looks pretty competitive. The tin bucket would make a nice gift.

Okay, that is my first food review in fourteen years of blogging. :)