Saturday, June 29, 2019

Fairy Door Scroll Saw Pattern.

I have received many requests to design a fairy door. For some reason, I have never gotten around to it. When I got another request today I decided I better get one done. 

I kept it pretty simple. The door slats are 1/8" thick Baltic birch plywood. The rest is hardwood. 

The door stands 7.5 inches tall. Just big enough for your average size fairy. Don't forget to charge rent and get a deposit. Faries are sneaky. 

Some people put these Fairy doors outside at the bottom of a tree. If you do that make sure you give it a good spar urethane finish. Also, remember to use outdoor rated glue. Titebond II is a good choice.

As you can see there are not many parts. When you cut the door slats make sure you follow the instructions. The hinges are small parts. You will want a zero clearance so the parts don't fall and get lost. I piece of blue painters tape over the hole makes a quick and easy zero clearance.