Saturday, December 24, 2016

Four Layer Old Time Church Scene Scroll Saw Pattern.
I have all four layers specked to be cut from 1/4" thick material in this pattern. The widest board is just under eight inches. I think the best solution might be to use 1/4" thick Baltic Birch plywood for all four layers. I would stan and paint the layers like the above simulated picture. The front layer is painted black. The second layer is stained a medium dark. The third layer is natural blonde and the back layer is stained dark. I think this give a nice contrast.

Sometime when people see these simulated layered projects they don't get a good visual clue as to how they are assembled. If you open the pattern and look at it you should see how it works. Just cut the patterns as shown and stack glue the layers together. 

I often get asked about what glue I use. For this type of layered project I use super glue with an accelerator. Wood glue is just too messy for a project like this. Strategically place several dots of super glue. Spray the opposite side with the accelerator and hold the pieces together for a few seconds. Make sure you put the pieces together accurately because you won't get a second chance. You might have 1 second or less to adjust. 

If you do use wood glue just be very careful with squeeze out. Also be careful that the layers don't shift before they dry. A little known trick to prevent slipping is to put just a few grains of salt on top of the glue. Now when you clamp the pieces together that are much less likely to move on you.
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