Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Smartphone Passive Amp and Charging Dock Scroll Saw Pattern.

I wanted a charging dock and a passive amp I could sit beside my bed. I made this one from Baltic Birch plywood. This one is not the loudest passive amp I have heard but it does boost the volume a bit. It also adds a little fullness to the music.  

The sound comes out the top which makes it a little softer than if it were directed toward the listener. As an alternative to sitting the dock standing up you can lay the dock on it's back and point the sound hole toward you. That does make it a little louder.

Watch the short video too see it in action.
Click to Watch the Video 

I added a small medallion for decoration.
 I sanded the bottom so it would sit at an angle. This helps keep the phone from falling over.
I used a disk sander for this job.
Notice the small hole in the center of the sound deflector. That allows the power cord to reach the phone. The two holes on either side allow the music to enter the sound chamber.

Stephen over at Bear Woods is in the Christmas Spirit.
He wants to have three winners for this months giveaway. 
Each winner will receive their choice of
3 dozen Pegas scroll saw blades or
a $25 gift certificate.

I'm feeling the spirit also so I will double that offer.
I will give a Bear Woods $25 gift certificate to each winner also.
That's $50 worth of goodies from Bear Woods.