Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gwinnett Woodworkers Host Ron Brown. "How to sell your crafts."

I have been a fan of Ron Brown for several years. I have a couple of his DVD's and they are excellent. The Gwinnett Woodworkers had Ron come in and give a talk about selling crafts. Ron has worked the circult for years and knows his stuff. His approach to selling crafts in this video is from the idea of making extra cash. He is not trying to say you can make thousands of dollars a month but rather how to make that car payment, buy more tools for the shop or put some spending money in your pocket.

Ron basically explains how to set goals and what it takes to achieve  those goals by picking your product based on how much you can make per hour worked. If you have any desire to sell your scroll saw projects I think you will find some good tips in this video.

You can also see more of Ron's work at www.ronbrownsbest.com/.  He primarily does lathe work now. He used to sell some scroll saw related DVD's but I'm not sure they are still available.

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