Friday, July 26, 2019

Key Fob Earbud Wrap Scroll Saw Pattern.

The scroll saw is great for making useful projects even from your smallest wood scraps. You can make this key fob earbud wrap for pennies in only a few minutes of work. 

Wireless earbuds are getting more popular but there are still millions of people using wired earbuds. They have a habit of getting tangled and lost. Wrap them around this tool and they will always be ready to use.

If you need bead chain or split rings to can find them at most craft stores. They will often be in the leather crafting section. You can also order them from Amazon. 

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Revised and Expanded Edition of Scroll Saw Wooden Bowls:
By Carole Rothman

Carole emailed me the other day and asked if I had seen the revised edition of her wooden bowls on the scroll saw book. I had the first version and had intended to order the new book but never got around to it. I immediately jumped on Amazon and placed my order. I received the book yesterday and wanted to share a quick review with you guys.