Friday, January 31, 2020

Mini-Finger Hockey Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

This pattern is very simple to cut. The holes for the pegs are drilled with a 1/2" drill bit. The scoring peg holes are drilled with a 1/4" bit. You will need 1/2" dowel rod and 1/4" dowel rod.

The playing board is two layers of 1/4" Baltic birch plywood. There are four feet under the game board that are 3/4" thick to hold the board off the table. Sand the game board to at least a 220 grit to make it as smooth as possible. I did not add any finish to the project.

Finger hockey is played with a penny for the puck. The penny is flicked with your finger to attempt to score a goal. If the player does not score a goal on his shot then the next player shoots. Play continues until five goals are scored by one of the players. Complete rules included with the pattern.

This is not a goal.

 This is a goal.

Scoring peg.