Saturday, July 25, 2020

God Bless America Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Use eyelet screws and chains between the signs.

When I sit down at night to come up with an idea for a pattern it often involves me staring at a blank screen for several minutes/hours. Some days nothing clicks. Tonight was easy. There is nothing unique or especially creative about this sign. Obviously, I did not come up with the quote on the sign. The pattern is just rectangles and a star.

The reason this was an easy pattern to come up with was an email I received this morning. It was from an elderly gentleman who was a veteran of WWII. He had gone to war to fight for freedom. When the war broke out he and his friends did not have to think about joining. They all knew what had to be done. He said that they were not necessarily fighting for the government. They were fighting for their family, friends, and all the people of this country. They thought freedom was at stake.

Now let me say that in this world today this gentleman would not be considered politically correct by any stretch of the word. He wrote some words that were cringe-worthy but I never doubted his belief that freedom was worth fighting for.  He said that America is free because they were brave enough to go fight for that freedom. I was honored to speak with this gentleman and I wanted to thank him by designing a pattern that summed up his words. It needed no fancy frills. The message is what is important.

To all the veterans and current enlisted men and women, I want to thank you for all you have done to keep America the land of the free. You are the brave men and women who make it happen.

Each of the three signs is ten inches long. They are attached together with eyelet screws and chains. Depending on how long to cut the coins the project will be around 20" tall. All the parts are cut from 3/4" thick wood.

Postal Delays: Some packages arriving late.

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International shipping is even worse. My Catalog DVD distributor(Kunaki) has temporally stopped all international shipping. They have not given a date for restarting. This is the only product that I ship internationally. If anyone outside the US is interested in purchasing the complete Scrollsaw Workshop catalog email me for details. As soon as the internat