Thursday, February 20, 2020

Bird Business Card Holder Scroll Saw Pattern.

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My daughter moved into her new office at work a few days ago. She wanted a desk nameplate. She is a fan of birds so I came up with this design. 

The pattern only includes the birds and the card holder. If you only want the card holder then mound the birds and holder to the small base. If you want to use it as a desk name plate then that part of the pattern is up to you. 

The birds are three layers of 1/4" wood. The wings are 1/8". I used Baltic birch but any wood will do fine. There is contouring on the outer layers of the body to give it a rounded look. 

Free Pattern From Sheila Landry Designs:

Click to Visit the Free Download Page

I received an email from Ken over at Sheila Landry Designs. He was kind to let me share that they put up a new free sample pattern. As usual this one is beautiful. Get this one before they take it down. 

Let me also point you to another incredible web page from Sheila. She is a master level tole painter. This page is where she sells her patterns, pre-cut boards, charms, and more.