Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Girl or Boy Reveal and Guest Vote Scroll Saw Patterns.

Gender Reveal

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Download the pattern below.

Guest Gender Vote Boards

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Download the pattern below.

Gender Reveal Pattern
We are always seeing gender reveal ideas that don't go as planned. Fires. explosions and just embarrassing events. How about we just keep it simple. Cut both patterns and give both projects to the person holding the secret gender. They can then place the correct gender in a box to be opened at the party. 

This may not be as exciting as pink smoke but at least the parents have a keepsake. Taking that pink smoke home can be a challenge. :)

The patterns make baby figures that are 7.75" tall. If you want a larger display then use poster print to make it 200% and to are cutting a pattern that is over 15" tall. 

Gender Vote Board Pattern
The gender vote boards are 8" X 10" The babies are painted and a 1/4" dowel is glued in. The babies are stuck into the appropriate board before the reveal.

You can change the size of the boards if you have a large guest list.

Another suggestion is to have a marker on hand so the guest can sign the baby as the vote.