Friday, June 22, 2012

Miami Heat, NBA Champions.

Okay, I know all the Cleveland and Oklahoma City fans are going to beat me up for this one. The Miami Heat shot lights out in winning the NBA Championship over the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Heat hit 3 pointers from all over the court and really just had an easy time with the Thunder. LaBron James was named series MVP. While LaBron had an incredible triple double in the final game Mike Miller the injury plagued reserve came off the bench to hit 7 of 8 three pointers.

It seemed like every time the Thunder made a move the Heat would punch back with a 3 and push the lead back out. Miami scored 36 points in the third quarter and the game was pretty much over. The heat coasted in the final period and finished the game with a 121 to 106 victory to take the Larry O'Brien trophy and their 2nd NBA championship. Congratulations to the Heat and all their fans. This pattern is for you.

The Oklahoma City fans have much to look forward to. They have a great young team that should just get better with experience. Don't be surprised to see them right back here again next year.

I know I tell you all this a lot but I'm miles behind on email. Unfortunately when I get busy at work or with family something has to suffer and email is usually the victim. I do my best and I hope you all can understand that the email is by far the most time consuming part of running the blog.

I'm lucky to get two hours a day to work on the blog and make patterns. That leaves very little time so I try to triage the email. I can usually tell pretty quickly when an email is from a new person in the hobby and their email goes to the top of the list. I'll be honest and tell you that personal pattern requests often go the the bottom of the list.

On a positive note I almost always have the time to read the email. I get all kinds of help from them in the way of pattern ideas. They also give me an idea of what types of things you like and don't like to see on the blog. That is extremely helpful.

Don't let this sound like I don't want to get the email. I do. They are more helpful than you can know. I just hate it when I know I have let some of you down and this is my feeble attempt to say sorry and explain why.

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