Monday, November 30, 2015

Sometimes a negative can turn into a positive.

Small jewelry gift box for your loved one. It's three inches in diameter and could be used for most types of jewelry.

Earlier today I posted a message asking for help.  I had been informed that a few of my patterns were available for sale on another site. I had contacted the owner and he was unwilling to discuss the issue. Because of that I ask for your support.

Good news and hopefully a new friend and online associate.

I have learned over many years that sometimes a negative can turn into a positive if both parties can just have a reasonable discussion. I needed your help to begin that discussion. Let me explain. I caught the owner of off guard when I called him. After he had some time to think and was shown the level of support I have from your emails to him he responded and ask if he could call me. Of course I wanted to talk with him.

He politely ask me to send him my original work so he could compare the patterns. He was quickly convinced they were indeed my patterns. He gave me a call. As I had suspected he was sold the patterns from a source who told him they were original work. He will not be doing business with that source in the future.

I had researched him online for a couple hours and had come to the conclusion that he was a reputable and honest businessman. Crooks badly stand out on the internet. I knew we would be able to solve the issue.

We talked for several minutes and everything worked out. We may even have future joint projects.

One thing that I can always count on is the support I receive form all of you. Your emails made it clear to Paul that I was not just trolling him. I ask for your support and many of you did as I ask and politely ask Paul to work it out with me. Thank each and everyone of you who responded.

At this point I ask that you not send any further email to I want to make it clear that I firmly believe this was a misunderstanding on his part. I feel comfortable that his business is on the up and up. As a mater of fact I ask that you visit his website and take a look around. There really are some cool things there for Scroll saw, laser and CNC hobby folks.

Last I want to thank Paul Campbell from You were a gentleman and I appreciate the willingness to work through the issue.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

"For unto us a child is born". Scroll saw word art. Sue Mey special offer.

Here is a Christmas themed word art pattern with the meaning of Christmas.
Download link below.

Just in time for the weekend here is a special offer from Sue Mey. There are all sorts of things going on with this offer so don't miss out. Looks like a nice discount, a competition and patterns. What more could you want. And all this from one of the finest pattern designers in the world. You just have to check this out. 

Note: The items shown are linked to the website - Click on either the Description or the Image for it to open there.
Visit the Special Offers category for my e-Magazines.
It is time to give a little bit back, in time for Christmas. Until Dec 5, there will be a 15% Discount Offer on my website for all patterns purchased - 'Special Offers' category excluded. To qualify for the discount, enter the voucher code DEC15 (case sensitive) in the space provided during checkout, and click 'apply' once.
In conjunction with my discount offer, Peg Russel Senholtz, owner of the Facebook group 'Wooden You Like To Know', is running a competition. In my latest e-Magazine, I included an article on 'Combining scroll sawing and crafting'. I would like to see entries where one of my patterns is used, and where some form of crafting is added to enhance the scroll saw project. This can be paint, fabric, acrylic, paper, metal, brass, polymer clay, decoupage, distressing, or using embellishments, craft supplies, and craft techniques of any kind.
It can be a new project, or a project you made in the past, and you may enter as many projects as you like. If you are not on Facebook yet, consider signing up and joining the group, so that you can participate. Photos of your projects may also be sent to me at
The competition closes Dec 12, at which time you can vote for your favorite project until Dec 20, when the winner will be announced. The winner will receive a $30 voucher for patterns from my website

The addition most commonly used is paint - below are some examples where crafting is combined with scroll sawing:
Projects selection 

Available in Special Offers category are pattern sets at reduced prices. There are great deals on seven digital books: 40 Christian crosses, 44 Christmas projects, 40 Boxes, 46 Angel-themed projects, 50 Signs & Plaques, 50 Clocks and 40 Love & friends patterns.
Patterns purchased from my website are conveniently delivered as downloads to your computer for immediate printing and use. All patterns are available in vector format on request.
Sue Mey

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