Sunday, November 4, 2018

3D Birdcage Scroll Saw Pattern. $3 PDF Catalog Updated.

This is a simple little birdcage decoration. It only stands seven inches tall. The lovebirds might make this a nice wedding table decoration for the reception. You could at a battery powered tea light in the bottom of the cage. It is cut from 1/8" Baltic birch plywood so it would be easy to stack cut a few at a time. 

I am kind of in a 1/8" Baltic birch plywood mood lately. I bought a couple hundred dollars of the stuff and every place I look in my shop there are stacks of it. My local hardwood dealer sells it in 60" X 60" sheets for $20 a sheet. I bring it home and cut it up into 12" X 12" sheets. I also but the 1/4" sheets.

Baltic birch plywood is perfect for these simple craft decorations. It's inexpensive and cuts easily. I always have a few sheets in my shop. Try to find a local dealer so you can get the cost down. This stuff is heavy and tends to be expensive to ship.

I occasionally buy precut sheets on Amazon. I get 16 sheets of 12" X 12" X 1/8". I am an Amazon Prime member so I don't pay the shipping but the price has it built in. It goes for $37.99 for the 16 sheets. That's almost double of what I can get locally but the quality is slightly better. That's important when I need to use it in my laser cutter. Even though both say they are B/BB grade the pack from Amazon is cleaner. They may be culling the bad sheets as they cut it up. 

$3 PDF Catalog has been updated:

I just finished updating the $3 PDF catalog and it is ready to download for all of you who have purchased it. If you are using the Windows version of the Pattern Downloader you can get the update right from the program. Open the Pattern Downloader and click the link at the red arrow in the picture below.
If you are using the Pattern Downloader for Mac or mobile then use the bookmark you created when you bought the program. If you have trouble or have lost the link just email me.

If you have not seen the $3 PDF Pattern Downloader let me explain. Every few weeks I compile thumbnails for every pattern in my catalog. I put them in a PDF which makes it fast and easy to browse my patterns. There are thousands of patterns and this makes it easy to go through them.

When you find a thumbnail of the pattern you like then you can use the Pattern Downloader to get the pattern or if the Online Pattern Downloader.

These are the same patterns that are in my free online catalog. This is just a supplement to that catalog to make it easier to browse the patterns. 

There is a video on the purchase page that explains everything.

Bear Woods Sponsored Giveaway:

The 1st Winner will receive a $100 Bear Woods gift certificate.
The 2nd winner will receive a completed Charles Dearing artwork.

Bear Woods is celebrating giving during the month of November. Each day in November Bear Woods will feature a different charitable woodworker/crafter. Bear Woods will donate $50 to that woodworker so they can continue their charitable work. 

When you enter the contest you will be asked to visit the Bear Woods Gives page that celebrates these charitable woodworkers and features their story.

The giveaway ends the last day of November. You can enter every day. The winners will be chosen randomly by the contest organizer. 

Please read. On the contest entry page, you will have to click a button to continue to the Bear Woods Gives page. You will have to close that page and return to the contest entry page to complete the entry.

$12 per sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping
Inlay with a 1" Forstner Bit.
The perfect way to sign your work.

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Scroll Saw Pattern Design Tutorial: DVD
Let me teach you to create a beautiful wooden portrait pattern. I will show you everything you need from start to finish. The video will show you the free software program you can download for Windows or Mac OS. I will show you how to install the program and configure it for best results. 
Then I will show you the technique to take your photograph and make a pattern from it. When the pattern is complete we will go in the shop and cut it.
The DVD is $10 plus shipping. This is a data DVD that you will use on your computer to watch the video tutorial  

Every Scrollsaw Workshop Pattern from 2007-2017 in DVD
Purchase the entire Scrollsaw Workshop pattern catalog for offline access.

This DVD has 2,300 patterns published from 2007 thru 2017.
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If you use the DVD on a Windows PC there is a simple viewer program to browse through the patterns.

The DVD also works fine on a MAC. The viewer program is not MAC compatible but there is an included PDF with all the patterns shown as thumbnails for easy viewing. 

Unique Wooden Vases:
Want to create beautiful wooden vases on the scroll saw?
My two "Wooden Vases on the Scroll Saw" books make it easy.

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LAFVIN UNO Project Super Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano with Tutorial

Remember when we were kids and we got an electronics experiment lab for Christmas? It would have buzzers, light bulbs, switches and everything we needed to learn basic electronics. I loved those kits.

The Arduino is today's version of that experiment kit. The Arduino is a small microprocessor board that can be programmed to do all types of input and output projects. This kit has LCD displays, speakers, sensors, and tutorials to teach you how to program the Arduino. I have written a few programs for the Arduino and it's relatively easy to learn. There are hundreds of tutorials online to help you when you have questions.

If you want to get your child or grandchild a gift that just might lead to a career then this is the perfect starter kit. And guess what? The complete kit is only $25.99. Heck you may want to get one for yourself. 

  • Perfect choice for beginners to learn about Arduino, electronics and program.
  • This kit with tutorial user manual containing more than 20 lessons,code,Libraries, datasheets, and so on.
  • 100% compatible with Arduino uno R3
  • Inlcude type motors and LCDs with servo motor, stepper motor and DC Motor; LCD 1602, LCD 4-bit 7-segment Display etc.
  • LCD 1602 module with pin header (not need to be soldered by yourself)