Sunday, October 9, 2022

Basket Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This basket pattern is 6.25" in diameter.

I may take a couple of days off from the blog. I have some workshop housekeeping to get done and I keep putting it off. I will still work on the Personalized Christmas Ornament orders but I probably won't upload a post. Signature coin orders and USB Catalog orders will be completed but Monday is a Federal holiday so the orders will go out in the mail Tuesday. See you all in a couple of days. Have an nice Holiday.

2022 Personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns are open for orders.

I am taking orders for this year's personalized Christmas Ornament Patterns. The price is the same as always. Five names minimum for $5. $1 for each additional name. 

The order form will accept up to twenty names. If you need more than twenty then start a new order form. PLEASE double-check the spelling of names. PLEASE, make sure that you select an ornament style for each name entered. After the order form is complete scroll to the bottom and hit the SUBMIT Button.

I will complete the order and email you the patterns as a PDF just like all the patterns in my catalog. You will not need to pay for the patterns until they are delivered. If you are pleased with the patterns there will be a payment link in the email. There will also be an address to send cash or check payments

My goal is to complete the orders within three days. As the holiday season gets into full swing I may need more time. I will keep times posted on the blog.