Saturday, November 30, 2019

Hanger Storage Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

Does the bottom of your closet look like the picture sent to me from Eugene? I have to admit that my closet is not very well organized. Eugene wanted to know if I could design a storage system for extra hangers. I tried to come up with a system that would save as much space as possible. Having the hangers vertical seemed like the best idea. 

Using the 16-inch dowel you can probably store about 35 to 40 hangers.  

From Eugene:
Lots of people probably have piles of extra hangers. Maybe design a low hanger rack. I appreciate and enjoy your patterns.

This is fun to watch:

Most of you know that I keep a close eye on YouTube for interesting woodworking videos. There is one genre of videos that is pretty much useless but I still love watching them. There are many DIY scroll saw build videos on YouTube. I have never seen one that would actually be useful for the type of scrolling that we do but watching the creativity is interesting to me.

This video grabbed my attentio