Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Everyone loves Tax Season!
This World's Best CPA plate is 7.5" in diameter. 

I had to take all my paper work to my CPA yesterday. That's always a fun time when you run a small business. I am a creative and I hate paper work. They are always telling me to keep track of expenses. This year I actually saved a few receipts for my expenses. He will probably be shocked.

I feel like most accounts are organized people. They have a hard time understanding us people who hate paper work so much that we would rather spend more in taxes than keep our selves organized. :)
I decided the least I could do is design a plate for him.
I have had a few questions about the Scrollnado dust collection system lately. This system connects the the DeWalt and Delta 40 series of saws. 

The system is currently available only on Amazon. At the bottom of this post in my affiliate ad I placed a link to the video review I did a while back. If you have questions about the Scrollnado that should answer most of them.

Email Newsletter:
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The reason this is important is that the email newsletter goes out to over 30,000 people every day. That's close to a million newsletters a month. As you can imagine when I make a error my email box gets flooded. I really appreciate the first person to report the error but everyone after that is extra work. If you check the blog before you send me an email it will really help a lot.

I know that the answer to this problem is for me to not make errors but at this point in my life I doubt that is going to happen. :) It seems like every day older I get the easier I am distracted. I have set up a system that I follow every post to try to catch the errors. Look there's a bird. What was I saying?

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