Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hot Bowl Stand Scroll Saw Pattern.

Unique little stand for serving hot bowls. No interior cuts. I slightly modified the pattern after I cut this prototype. The two legs now sit closer to the bottom of the bowl to give it better support. The way it is in the photo there was only support at the center of the leg.

Use a simple 1" Forstner bit to inlay these coins into your special project.
$12 for a sheet of 12 coins plus $3.50 shipping.

Heritage Wood Specialties:

I receive email almost weekly asking where to buy thin boards for scroll saw work. The big box hardware stores have a very limited stock of decent quality boards and what they have are very expensive.

Most people don't live near a hardwood specialty lumber yard. Even if you do have one close at hand they often don't have thin boards in thicknesses like we need.

If you don't have all the power tools needed to mill your own thin boards then you might want to look into buying scroll saw ready boards online. 

A few years ago I teamed up with Heritage Wood Specialties as a sponsor. When I was looking for someone that I could trust to recommend, their name came up several times. Many of my readers were already using Heritage Wood Specialties and were pleased with the product and service.

I always negotiate a sponsorship with companies where I receive free product in exchange for advertising. This gives me a chance to see the product every month and evaluate how well the service is over time. That is the deal I have with Heritage Wood Specialties. I receive a few dollars worth of boards in exchange for ads on my blog. I also keep the value of what I receive small so I don't have any hesitation dumping a sponsor if they start to fail.

I can say without hesitation that I have been very pleased with the product I receive form Heritage Wood Specialties. I get what they call Scroll Saw Blanks. These are glued up boards in the thickness I need. I get the 1/4" X 12" X 16" Walnut and Maple. I also get the same in 1/2" thickness.

These are wide boards for those projects that need the width. Heritage does a great job of color matching the glue-ups so the boards are very consistent. They ship the boards wrapped in plastic and boxed well. I seldom receive boards that have more than the slightest warping. If you have ever ordered thin wood boards you know that warping is a problem. They do as good of a job as any seller in controlling the warping.

There is one small issue that you have to understand when you buy from Heritage. They do not stock hundreds of board feet of thin boards. It will take a little longer to receive the product than you might be used to if you buy stuff on Amazon and get your shipment in two days. These guys put out a quality product so the wait is worth it to me.

Here are some pictures of my most recent order.

To help keep the boards nice and flat keep them in the box and wrapped in plastic to control the moisture. I will often just cut the plastic enough to get out what I need and then wrap the boards back up. This has worked well for me.

 If you use walnut lumber you know that it can be difficult to get wide boards that have a consistent color. Heritage does a nice job of color matching these glue ups. There is very little to no sapwood in these glue-ups. 
It's difficult to see in this picture but this maple glue up has some wonderful figure.  

Heritage has other products available also so check out their website for all your wood product needs.

Let me give you a tip. See the little icon that the red arrow is pointing to. When you visit Heritage Wood Specialties web page click that icon. It will open up the product menu. 

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