Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Nativity Cross Scroll Saw Pattern.

This Nativity cross pattern comes in two sizes. The large pattern is 12.5" X 14". In the example above I am showing the backer board painted red. 

A few readers have asked me where they can find patterns I have posted in the past. Every pattern I have posted since May of 2007 is available in my free online pattern catalog. They are all in categories and are searchable by keyword. Here is the link to the catalog. The link is also always available on the blog. There are over 3,000 free patterns in the catalog. You will find something to make. You could complete most of your Christmas list from my catalog. Give it a try.

EMAIL Newsletter update:
So far so good. The new email newsletter delivery service seemed to work much better than the old service. The Newsletter went out to 62 different countries. Over 20,000 were delivered. There are going to be a few small differences. The old Newsletter always went out at 7am. With the new service, I am unclear if that will still happen. It may go out at 7am Eastern time. I'm not sure if it is changing with the time zones or not. 

Spam. It is still possible for the new newsletter to go to the spam folder. To help prevent this from happening, add the Newsletter email to your contacts list. 

Some email clients my disable images in the email. Each email client is different but you can tell your client to allow images if they are not showing up.

The new system gives me much more analytics to help me see what is going on. I can now see how many of the emails that go out actually get opened. My opened rate was over 30%. That is very high for a newsletter and that makes me excited. I hope to use the data to make the newsletter better over time. 

I want to give a huge thank you to all the readers who gave me feedback about the newsletter today. I was also very appreciative of all the kind donations to help offset the additional costs. 

I will try not to bore you with these newsletter details unless something important comes up. The old system will still be active for a short time.

If you own a table saw you need this tool. Great Christmas gift for a woodworking friend, husband or wife.