Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Keeping It Reel" Scroll Saw Pattern.

This "Keeping It Reel" plaque should make any of your fisherman friends happy. It won't be simple to cut so plan your cuts before you start. There are some parts that will get fragile until the piece is mounted to the backer board.  The graphic of the reel in this pattern was from I modified it for use in this pattern.


I want to talk about a common question I get from readers about my patterns. The question is about the internal lines that usually start on the edge of the pattern and stop inside the pattern without completing a cut. In scroll saw speak these are called "veins". Veins are used to add detail to the pattern.

Some people ask if these are suppose to be drawn on the finished piece. No, these are cut with the scroll saw. Start at the edge and cut with the blade until you reach the end. Then back the blade out. It is sometimes necessary to run the saw as you back the blade out because the vein will pinch together. This is where a foot switch comes in very handy. I highly recommend a foot switch for the scroll saw. You can also release the blade from the clamp and pull it out of the wood.

I will sometimes use a larger blade for veining to help it stand out. Veining stands out better on lighter woods.

If you look at the image below you will see many examples of veining. I highlighted two of the veins red. This is an example of fairly complex veining. The veins are fairly long and have changes in direction. These are the ones that can be hard to back out of. 

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