Thursday, September 10, 2020

Angels Christmas Ornament Scroll Saw Pattern.

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This Christmas ornament has angels on each side. It is cut from 1/8" thick Baltic birch plywood to keep it light. I stack cut the angels so the ornament only takes minutes to complete. 

I get quite a few emails asking why I use Baltic birch plywood for ornaments. There are a few reasons. One is that the cost compared to hardwoods is less. When you are making many ornaments, the cost adds up with hardwood. 

I'm not saying that I don't use hardwoods for ornaments because I often do. When I want an ornament to have that special look of a beautiful hardwood then I grab the expensive stuff. I'll be honest with you that most people who receive the ornaments don't care what it is made from. Many even like the look of the plywood plies better. 

Some small ornaments can be a little fragile. BB ply is stronger than most hardwoods. Ornaments don't normally get handled a lot but they can break in storage when not packed well. The BB ply just holds up better.

I am completing lots of orders for personalized Christmas ornament patterns. If you need a supply of Baltic birch plywood, here is where I often order mine. These are affiliate links.

If you want to keep the weight of the ornament down then you can use 1/8" BB ply. 1/8" ply is a bit more difficult to cut so I suggest you go with the 1/4". If the project can be stack cut then using 1/8" works better.