Saturday, December 8, 2018

Cat Vase Scroll Saw Pattern.

If you have a cat lover on your Christmas list this will make a great gift. This cat hallow vase is for artificial flowers. It is not designed to hold water. Add a few nice silk flowers and you have a quick and easy gift. There is only one interior cut and it is large. This makes this project suitable for those of you who have pin end blade scroll saws.

You do want to cut as accurate as possible so you won't have so much sanding to do after glue-up. The better you sanding job you do on this project the better it will look. You want to get the layers as flush as possible. You also want to soften all the edges. Do as much contouring as you like. 

You will want to have at least a 1" thick center board. You can glue up boards to make the vase as thick as you like. If you cut the pattern to scale then the outer pieces need to be 1/4" thick. If you use thicker boards for these pieces the proportions will look odd. You can scale this vase up as larger as you like to use thicker boards.

Stack cutting is the best option for the outer pieces.

When you start to glue up the parts you may have slipping of the parts as to clamp them together. You want the pieces aligned well to reduce sanding. 

Here is a simple tip to help prevent slipping of the parts while you clamp them up. Apply t