Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Sand-Devil Review.

I think it's safe to say that sanding is not one of the most enjoyable tasks we have to do. Especially tedious hand sanding. I think I have purchased just about every sanding accessory on the market. I'm always looking for anything to make the job easier. I think I have found the ultimate sanding block. Let me give you a review. 

I was browsing for sand paper on last week and I came across this product that looked interesting. It's called the Sand-Devil. It looked perfect for sanding the scroll saw vases I have been designing lately.
I have had an opportunity to use the Sand-Devil a few times now and I have to say it is the best hand sanding accessory I have used in my workshop. It uses 3 X 21 inch cloth sanding belts that you can purchase just about anywhere. These belts are much more durable than sheets of sand paper. They resist tearing and generally last ten times as long as sandpaper sheets. They are also cleanable with a sanding eraser.
The tool is spring loaded with an easy release lever. When it's time to change grits just flip the lever and change the belt. The body is made of injected molded thermoplastic. Whatever that is it feels solid. I expect it will hold up to a tough workshop.
Another great feature is all the different contours the block has. Looking at the picture above notice the right has a rounded point. On the left bottom you have a larger curved profile. Top tight is an angle. Top left is a squared profile and of course the top and bottom have large sanding surfaces. These give me fantastic options to sand the curved and squared profiles of my vases.
Another feature is the ability to loosen the lever, rotate the sanding belt to a clean surface and keep sanding.
The ad on the Sand-Devil site says it delivers power tool results with hand sanding precision. I actually don't have a problem with that statement. In this case I don't think the ad is blowing smoke. I clamped up some hard maple in my bench vise. It had one from the mill rough edge.
It only took be a couple minutes of sanding with the Sand-Devil to get it nearly glue ready edge. It almost felt like using an hand plane.