Sunday, January 12, 2020

Snow Gauge Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below
When you print the pattern, make sure you set it to print the actual size.
Measure the pattern after it is printed to make sure the gauge is accurate from your printer.

There are two versions of this pattern. One for inches and one for Centimeters.

I received an email from John Harrison. He lives up in Creston, BC, Canada. They are no strangers to snow. He sent me this picture below of his DIY snow gauge. He thought this might be an idea for a scroll saw project. I thought he had a good idea so Frosty the Snow Gauge was designed.

Okay. Before you even say it I know that many of you will laugh at a maximum of 10 inches on the gauge. When it snows over ten inches here in Kentucky we just call it too deep to go. Actually, I wanted the pattern to fit on one sheet of paper. 

I was thinking that if we needed a deeper snow gauge then Frosty could hold a stick that went up as high as we needed.

Make sure you give it a good coat of exterior paint to protect it from the elements.