Monday, October 19, 2020

Five Christmas Ornament Scroll Saw Patterns.

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This pattern book has five two-layer ornaments. I am showing the back layer of each ornament painted for clarity. Painting is optional. I suggest that you use 1/8" thick Baltic birch plywood for both layers. To make them easier to cut use the stack cutting technique to cut two or three at a time.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but let me speak about Baltic birch plywood. Why do I use it so often? Why not use beautiful hardwoods? 

Remember that I cut hundreds of projects a year. 95% of what I cut goes in a box and is never seen again. I am just cutting prototypes to test the patterns. I hate to cut projects from nice hardwood just to put it in a box. It is expensive and frankly a waste of valuable resources. 

That does not mean that I think Baltic birch plywood is a bad choice for all projects. Projects like these Christmas ornaments look great cut from BB ply or hardwood. BB ply is a wonderful product because it is so strong and inexpensive. Delicate fretwork will almost always be more stable cut from BB ply. 
BB ply is also easy to paint. You can also stain BB ply but the results are not always great. The edges will look much different from the face after staining. 

Here is an Amazon affiliate link to what I often purchase.
This is not the cheapest you can get BB ply. If you have a local hardwood supplier check with them first. Just remember that the hardwood store will have full-size sheets that need to be cut down to size. It's a trade-off between cost and ease of use. I do both and hate cutting down large sheets on my table saw so I get lazy and pay more.

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