Sunday, March 6, 2022

Ten Two Word Wall Signs. Also in today's post I am interviewed by the good folks at Seyco in a live stream video.

I am going to start today's blog with a fantastic offer from Seyco. The daily pattern will follow below.
Click the image to watch the live stream.

I spent an hour talking with Shaylee on the Seyco Facebook and YouTube channel. Shaylee is helping Seyco with its social media content. She did a live stream and I was invited as a guest. I answered questions and we just had a good time. If you check out the video please leave a comment and hit the thumbs up. That really helps Seyco get more views. Thanks for your support.

During the stream, Seyco announced a great offer. Use code STEVEGOOD at checkout and receive $50 off on the purchase of a Seyco Scroll Saw. Additionally, you will receive a free gift on a purchase over $150.

These offers are valid 3/5/2022 - 3/20/2022

If you have been wanting to upgrade to an excellent scroll saw, now is the time. Seyco sells a top-of-the-line scroll saw. They offer best-in-class customer service. Buy the scroll saw that you will use the rest of your life.

Full disclosure: I receive payment from Seyco for any Seyco ST21 scroll saw that is sold with this code.

Now we have today's pattern:

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Download the Pattern Below
This pattern has ten, two-word wall signs. Each sign is 15" X 6". There are three layers to the sign(See parts image below)

You can make your own custom signs using a stencil font. Look