Friday, April 16, 2010

New photo gallery of reader pictures.

I added a new feature to the blog this morning. I have compiled many of the photos that readers have sent me in the last several weeks and put them in an online photo gallery.

Send me picture of your projects, shop pictures, pictures of yourself and Ill post them in the gallery. I know everyone likes to see what other scrollers are working on so send them in.

Let me know if you need help attaching pictures to email. Hopefully I can upgrade the photo album to allow direct uploading soon. I also want to add labeling of the photos and comments.

You will find the photo gallery in the left hand column of the blog. Go take a look. There are some very nice projects there.

The one that got away- Scroll saw pattern

Here is a plaque for those fisherman in your life who love to come home with stories of the one that got away. I can't take credit for the idea for this pattern. I saw a plaque like this several years ago at a craft fair. I thought it was funny then and I still do. If you have buddies who fish you will probably think it's funny also.

We are on our way to the deadline for the giveaway. Win a one year subscription to the "Scroll Saw woodworking and Crafts Magazine". Make sure you visit the blog everyday and find the scroll saw picture link to enter. Simply find and click the scroll saw to enter. It's easy. It's free and you might just win. What are you waiting for? Go find the scroll saw now.

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