Tuesday, August 30, 2016

September 11th is Grandparents Day in the U.S.

September 11th is Grandparents day.  This pattern let's grandma and grandpa know they are totally awesome.

Here are a few quotes about grandparents for your enjoyment.

 * The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is that they have a common enemy.   ~Sam Levenson

* I always give my grandkids a couple of quarters when they go home. It’s a bargain. ~Gene Perret

* There’s no place like home... except Grandma’s. ~Author Unknown

* If God had intended us to follow recipes,
  He wouldn’t have given us grandmothers.
~Linda Henley

* It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace. ~Christopher   Morley