Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Simple Music Player Mechanical Movement Free Scroll Saw Pattern.

I found these hand crank mechanical music movements on Amazon. They are under $10 and sound and look really nice. I wanted to make a very simple pattern to show off the movement. I did not want to put it inside a box. 

I wanted this to be something a father or grandfather could make for a young girl in the family and not require too much time. I think these would make nice stocking stuffers for a girl 8 years old or older. This one plays "You are my Sunshine". 

I really like the hand crank movement. I have never had much luck with the spring wind movements.
I think the hand crank give it a vintage look that I like. These are not super high-quality Swiss movements but they are not bad for the price. 

NOTE. These movements have to be mounted to a solid surface to have any volume. If you take it out of the bag and start cranking you will be disappointed. Mount it first.