Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Simple Letter Blocks Scroll Saw Pattern.


Sometimes I just want to go out to the workshop and make something simple. I don't want to spend hours cutting or have to calculate angles or do complicated glue ups. I just want to enjoy being in the shop. 

It's nice to have some simple projects ready that you can just knock out fast. It's especially nice if that simple project is something someone my enjoy. 

That's how I feel about this project. These letter blocks can be cut from cheap pine boards. They can be cut easily in one setting and you don't even need to apply a finish.

New mother's love to decorate the nursery with the baby's name. Teenagers can decorate their rooms with a school's sports team name or just silly words. It's actually a very useful project. There are just so many uses.  

The pattern book has two sizes. The small blocks are 2.5" tall. The large blocks are 5" tall. The width of the letters are proportional to the width of the letter. This makes them look much better than all the blocks being the same width. This is how computer fonts are made.

You can cut the blocks without the backer boards but I think the letters stand out much better with the backer. It give the letters a shadow that makes them easier to read.

Let's talk: How does this mess work?

I occasionally get an email from a reader asking about why I allow my patterns to be downloaded for free. Sometimes they ask why I allow advertising on my blog and in the newsletter. They ask why I choose an particular vendor to promote. Many let me know that they would like to donate but don't have the available funds. 

Let me take just a few words to address these questions.

Donations. I always appreciate the donations. That said they are absolutely optional. Never send me money that you don't have to spare. The worst emails I get start with "I feel guilty for not donating". I am the one who makes the rules here. It's my decision to make the patterns free. The community has been very good to me. I have no complaints about the generosity of my readers. If you feel like donating I will say thank you. If you don't feel like donating I will say thank you for being a part of my blog. It's all good.

Advertising. I have a couple of vendors that I place ads on the blog and in the newsletter for. I sought them out. I chose them because so many readers had let me know they were happy with these vendors and received very reliable service. These were not decisions I made without considerable study. 

No vendor is perfect but Bear Woods and Heritage Wood Specialties both make me feel safe and that I am working with quality companies. They won't make me look bad. I trust them. 

I do not take payment from either vendor. We barter advertising for supplies. I do this because it helps keep me in the loop of what their products and services are like. I see when they have back orders. I know when packaging is good or poor. I get a chance to use their website and see when it works well or falls short. I also get to have a few supplies to help me keep up with the blogs projects.

I have an agreement that either party can stop the agreement at anytime for any reason. If they fall short of my expectations I will move on. The same applies if I fall short in their eyes. 

I also advertise my own products and services. I have my Wooden Vases books, Pattern catalog DVD, Portrait pattern tutorial DVD, Jigsaw Puzzle template book and personalized Christmas ornament patterns. No explanations needed here. I sell them and I appreciate those who buy them.

I have Google adsense ads in my videos and on the blog. I only have minimal input into what Google decides to place on my blog. I can black list any ads that I think are inappropriate. In over ten years that has only happened a couple of times. Google does a good job of making the ads relevant. They don't pay very well anymore but that's another subject.

I am an Amazon affiliate. The ads you see for products at the end of a post are selected by me. If you click on that ad and make a purchase I get a kick back. If you but other products during that sessions I also get a kick back from those purchases. If you want to support me and need something from Amazon then please use my Affiliate link. Your price does not change and they give me a piece of the action. 

Lot's of people email me and ask if they can sell the projects they make from my patterns. I do not put any restrictions on the projects you make from my patterns. Sell as many as you can. I always just tell them that I expect 1% of all revenue over $1,000,000. So far that has not paid off very well. :)

I have been doing this for over ten years. I work very hard to try to keep the blog interesting and fun. I have a blast getting to design patterns and interact with people in the community all over the world. I am thankful for everyone who visits my blog and for the vendors I work with. 

Am I getting rich? In a way yes. I have friends all over the world. I get to work with people who I like. I get the reward of feeling like I have helped a few people enjoy the hobby. I travel to shows and get the ego lifting of having people come to see me. I also get to make a few extra dollars. I would call that rich. Luckily Uncle Sam only taxes me on the money. :)

Hope I did not put you to sleep but I get these questions more often than you might think. I just thought I would share how it all works. 
I am almost caught up on the personalized Christmas ornament orders. I think I have 4 orders to do today. Turn around time had been 3 or 4 days so I'm glad to be caught back up.  I want to thank everyone who has ordered so far this year. 

I am ready and willing to do more whenever you are ready to order. If you click on the image above you will go to the order page that has all the details.

Remember that you only pay after you receive the ornament patterns and are 100% happy. If you are not happy you don't pay and you can keep the patterns. No questions asked. 

You will receive and email with the patterns attached. The email will include the link to pay online and my mailing address if you wish to pay with check or cash. 
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