Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lucky Double Dragons

Here in the U.S. we are well into the summer season. The heat index across parts of the country is pushing 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Many woodworkers are foregoing their hot workshop in favor cooler activities. Nothing wrong with taking some time off to rejuvenate the creative juices but if you just have to get your scrolling fix here are a few ideas.

Take the opportunity to try your hand at designing a scroll saw pattern. There are lots of tutorials on the web for using your computer to draw a pattern. If you want to get started with a free program check out Inkscape at It's a free powerful vector graphics program that will work nicely to design patterns. There is a learning curve but you can do it.

Take a walk around the shop and look for safety items that need to be corrected. Make a list and take the time to get the supplies ready for when the weather cools a bit. While your at it put together a first aid kit. Here is a Fine Woodworking article about first aid in the wood shop. You should also make sure your fire extinguisher is functional.

Join one of the scroll saw or woodworking forums. Of course I would recommend our wonderful Community forum. Another fine forum is hosted on Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts Magazine site. If you have never participated in one of these forums you are really missing out. You will meet new friends that share your interests. There are scrollers of every skill level in the forums. You will find everyone willing to help with question or just share a good joke.

Keep your eyes open for local arts and crafts shows. Consider participating or just visiting the show. You will be surprised how inspired you will be to get back in the shop after a trip to a good arts and crafts festival.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and getting a chance to spend some time with their scroll saw. Stay cool and make as much saw dust as you can.

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