Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Golf Shadow Picture Scroll Saw Picture.

I have a reader who wanted a simple pattern with a golf theme. He wanted a picture type pattern but was not comfortable doing an intarsia project. I suggested what I call a shadow pattern. This is what I came up with for him. I thought a few others might like to give it a try also.

Hey guys just a quick word about Sheila Landry Designs. Many of you had trouble logging on to her site after I posted her free pattern Monday and talked about her current sale. Sheila had an opportunity to make some upgrades that were needed because of the fantastic growth of her business. Everything should be back bigger and better real soon. Congratulations Sheila. It's nice to see great things happen to one of the truly nice people in the hobby.

Folks there is a reason Sheila is experiencing this growth. She simply makes great patterns for us to cut. The time and effort she takes shows in her work. The detailed instructions and well designed patterns are some of the best around.

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