Saturday, August 21, 2021

World's Best Plaque Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Today we have a World's Best plaque with just a touch of funny sarcasm. Three layers.

To a Good Home: I don't want to take this stuff with me and I don't want to put it in the trash.

Read the details!!!!!

It's old, It's dirty, and It's free, The miter saw, Guinevere Sanding System, and grinder work fine. The 6" jointer needs work.

If you take one you take all.

Pick up only. Lexington KY. Must pick up this weekend(8/21/2021 or 8/22/2021).

The 6" Craftsman jointer will not power on. I have already packed my meter so I have not troubleshot the problem. It may be simple it may be junk. My guess is that it is either the switch, start capacitor, or motor. If the motor is bad then the jointers will probably be trash. 

The Craftsman grinder seems to work fine. It is dirty but has had little use. 

The cheap Ryobi miter saw has been sitting under my table saw for a couple of years. I dusted it off and plugged it in. It works. 

The Guinevere sanding system is a very expensive tool. Well over $300. I just don't use it so there is no reason to move it to my new shop. I have a few accessories for the system also.

Again. this is pickup only. The first email gets this stuff. I'll go by the time stamp on the email. Leave your phone number in the email. I'll call you to arrange pickup. It's 4am so I will probably sleep in. Don't expect a call until the afternoon. If you don't get a call then the stuff is already gone.

No exceptions to the local pickup or dates of pickup.

Sorry about the poor photos. I am in the middle of packing and the shop is a total mess.
Probably a used value of $50