Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Visitor Input

Just a quick post for a request from the visitors to ScrollSaw Workshop Blog. I would love to be able to share the projects you have created with the other visitors. If you have cut one of the free patterns off the site that you would like to share just email me a picture and I'll post it.

I know several of you are more advanced scrollers and others would appreciate any tips or examples from you. No tip is too simple.

I have a feature on the Blog in the upper left hand corner where you can leave me a voice mail. If you have a microphone connected to your computer all you have to do is click the little green button and follow the prompts. It would be great to post audio clips from visitors about successful Arts and Crafts Shows or any tips or comments about scrolling.

Happy Scrolling


Creating Baskets with Corel Draw.

In this two part video I want to show you the technique I use to create baskets with the scroll saw. The baskets are easy to cut and assemble and they look great. I will take you throught the pattern creation process in this post and include the free downloadable scroll saw pattern. Look for the pattern link below.

Part 1

Part 2

In the next video we will go into the workshop to demonstrate how to cut and assemble the parts. I hope to have that video up in a couple days.

As always your comments are welcome.

This download only includes the round basket. I will show you how to modify the pattern to create the oval basket in another video. The larger rectangle basket will be features in a later video also so keep watching.

I hope you enjoy the videos and the pattern.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

YouTube troubles

It looks like is having some problems tonight. If the video won't load try again in a few minutes.

Happy Scrolling..


Monday, May 14, 2007

Number two of a two part video series. The Mini Clock

This is the second video in the series of creating a mini clock from pattern to finished project. Make sure you check out the first video where I show you how to create this pattern in Corel Draw. You can get the free downloadable scroll saw pattern from the link below.

In this this video I take you into the workshop to cut the mini clock pattern. I demonstrate a few tips for new scroll sawyers that will help you be more effective with your cutting.

The possibilities for creative mini clocks are endless. Customize the pattern and have a unique gift or craft to sell in your local show.

The mini clock insert can be purchased from several locations on the web or in your local craft store. check out
. Klockit has a nice selection.

Link to free downloadable Scroll Saw Pattern.

Create Mini Clock Patterns with Corel Draw

In this video I will continue to show you how to create patterns with Corel Draw. This will be a two part series. In the second video we will go to the workshop and cut the scroll saw pattern I create here. There will be a free downloadable pattern posted with the next video so be sure to check back.

The pattern I create here is a mini clock. Mini clocks make great gifts and sell well at craft shows. You can easily customize the pattern to suit your local interest. This scroll saw pattern could also easily be reproduced with the free vector graphics program I showed in a previous video. Check out for details. Have fun with this project and check back often for more.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Out of the workshop

Just a quick note to let everyone know I am out of the workshop until Friday. When I get back I will post another Project video with a free pattern. Hopefully it will be posted Friday night. To give you something to watch now check out these videos. Mark earns a full time living with his scroll saw.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Book Review: Classic Fretwork Scroll Saw Patterns

Scroll sawyers are always looking for patterns. Believe it or not we use to get most of our patterns from books. That was before the internet. Now we can buy a single pattern for a few bucks off a web site. Books are still a great source for people who want to study pattern design. Just like an oil painter studies the masters to learn his craft, we can study from books to develop an eye for what looks good in a fretwork patterns. Designing fretwork takes practice that is not mastered overnight. I would like to review a book for you that I purchased several years ago. Classic Fretwork Scroll Saw Patterns is a book by Patrick Spielman, pictured at left and James Reidle. This book is still in print and can be purchased from Pat Spielman authored several fine scroll saw instructional books and was widely known in the scrolling community. Pat died in 2004 but his books are still some of the best on the market. Classic Fretwork Scroll Saw Patterns is nearly 200 pages most of which are patterns. I have only cut about 5 of the patterns from this book but I use it frequently to study fretwork designs. I feel this is where this book stands out from the field of modern day pattern books. The fretwork is nicely detailed but not so much that you can’t use some of the designs in your own patterns. There are a variety of pattern types to choose from. Clocks, baskets, mirrors, boxes, shelves, picture frames and more. I would judge the quality of the patterns to be very good for the most part. There are a least a couple patterns that would make nice craft show sellers and several that would make nice gifts. If you would like to begin to create some fretwork patterns of your own this would be a nice book to have in your collection to study from. If you have comments please post them.

You will not beat the price!

Hey guys, after my comment about Inkscape in an earlier post I thought I better bring myself up to speed with this free open source vector graphics program. I spent a little time with it today and it's not half bad. After spending what I did for Corel Draw I won't switch, but Inkscape is not a bad alternative to Corel for creating scroll saw patterns. I started my learning curve by creating a name pattern. Sounded like an easy way to get started so in this video I will show you my results. I will provide a link below the video to the Inkscape site. Go get it and make some patterns.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Creating Word Art Patterns with Corel Draw

A project that every scroll sawyer will be ask to make sooner or later is Word Art. I would guess it is the most popular project for the scroll saw. In this video I will show you how I create the patterns and take them to the next level by adding a little extra touch to make them different. This is another video in a series of videos about Creating Scroll Saw Patterns with Corel Draw.

Link to FREE pattern.
Click here to download free Pattern

Creating Portrait Patterns with Corel Draw

This another video in the series of Creating Scroll Saw Patterns with Corel Draw. This is not the first video of this series. If you would like to start at the beginning scroll down to the Corel Introduction video. This video explains the step I use to create a portrait pattern with Corel Draw.

Link to FREE pattern created in this video.
Click here to download free Pattern

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Corel Draw pattern creation video series introduction.

This video demonstration of creating patterns with Corel Draw is the first in a series. I will post more videos in the near future. I have a couple in the can already and am working on more. I hope I can start more scrollers creating their own patterns. It's fun and the projects you create will be all your own. If you sell at craft shows there won't be anyone else selling the same piece. Enjoy the video and check back soon for more. Better yet subscribe to the Blogs feed or email subscription to get update.

Link to FREE pattern. Corel Demo Intro.
Click here to download free Pattern