Wednesday, November 24, 2021

3D Dog Puzzle Scroll Saw Pattern.

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My intention for this pattern is that it be a puzzle. That adds some challenge because the slots need to be cut so they slide together and are snug. If you cut them too loose the puzzle will be difficult to keep together.

I made sure to cut just inside the pattern line. I still had to recut one piece because it was too loose. There are no interior cuts so recutting a piece is not a big problem. 

The project does not have to be a puzzle. You can glue the pieces together for an interesting-looking model.

This was an interesting pattern to make. I downloaded a 3D file of the dog. I then used a Fusion 360 plugin to slice the model up and add slots. That got me started. I then imported the outline of the slices into CorelDraw and spent a couple of hours reshaping the outlines to make everything fit together.