Thursday, August 1, 2019

Silly Signs Scroll Saw Patterns.

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When words are etched in stone it symbolizes that they cannot be changed. They are the rule of the land. When words are carved in wood it symbolizes nothing but that doesn't mean they are not funny.

Okay, my funny may not be your funny but I am the one doing the patterns. :) My wife insists that I am not funny. Every time I jump out from behind a door and scare her she says "That is not funny!". She has to be wrong because I laugh every time.

These (funny) signs are 6" X 8".

CA Glue and Activator:


I use a lot of CA glue when building my projects. I also get email asking what CA glue is. Cyanoacrylate glue is often called Super Glue. Most traditional adhesives are water-based. CA glue is composed of acrylic resin and the main ingredient is cyanoacrylate. When cured if transforms to a plastic state.

CA glue has special bonding properties. CA glue will only bond two surfaces when moisture is present. If you apply it to a completely dry surface is will not stick to the surface or bond the two pieces. You have probably used Super Glue on some object and became disappointed that it would not bond the parts together. This is most often due to lack of moisture.

Wood normally has enough moisture content to activate the curing process of CA glue. If you have trouble you can buy the CA glue activator to help set off and speed up the curing process. I almost always use the activator.

Not every glue-up is suitable