Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Smartphone and Tablet Stand Scroll Saw Pattern.

It's time to use up some of the smaller scraps of wood in my scrap bin. This adjustable smartphone and tablet stand will do the trick. 

The stand has quite a bit of adjustability. It is even sturdy enough to hold my full-size iPad Pro. 

Think about it for a minute. There are 2.71 billion smartphone users in the world. Many of those people never leave their phone behind. They take it to work and they take it to bed. If you could sell one of these stands to 1/10 of a percent of those people for $10 you would make 27 million dollars. Of course, it would take you about  1,350,000 hours to cut them if you do one in 30 minutes. No bathroom breaks. Kind of gives some perspective to why Apple is worth nearly a trillion dollars. :)

Smartphone users can set this beside their bed or on their desk at work.  Turn it sideways to charge and use it as an alarm clock. Tilt it further back for typing. 

How is that for a sales pitch for $2 worth of wood. :)