Monday, April 27, 2020

Wear Your Mask Stickman Scroll Saw Pattern.

Download Below

This Stickman public service announcement is almost ten inches tall. As we come out of this lockdown, businesses are going to have all kinds of safety requirements in place. Many will be asking their customers to wear a mask. A simple reminder at the checkout lane may be helpful. Anyplace where people gather will require constant reminders until we all adjust to this new norm.

Where to sell you crafts this summer:

This summer could be a tough season for crafters who normally sell at arts and craft shows. Many of those events have been or will be canceled until further notice. 

I had a suggestion from a reader the other day that I had not thought about. Many farmer's markets now allow prepared food and craft vendors to sell their products at the location. I don't know if it is common all over but where I live the farmer's markets are considered essential and will remain open. 

It is going to take considerable thought to determine if the conditions are safe enough to set up a booth and sell craft items. I know that a few of you depend on the income from your craft sales to supplement your income. If you cannot get out this season then maybe the farmer's market can help recover some of the lost revenue.

I have spoken to a few scrollers who are going to try to move their sales online. By all means, dive in and give it a shot. The competition online at places like and is absolutely brutal. Average prices for sales on Etsy are driven down by the large numbers of sellers. We are talking over 2.5 million sellers. sales online are all about getting eyeballs on your product. Those 2.5 million sellers cut up the pie into thin slices.

The good news is that there were nearly 50 million buyers on Etsy in 2019.