Thursday, April 29, 2021

Class of 2021 Scroll Saw Pattern.

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Download the Pattern Below

This pattern is obviously better if the student's name is included. I included the pattern in both styles above. The second pattern has a blank so you can add the student's name. 

If you wish to use the same font I used for "Kellie" in the image above here is a link to download the font. SDG FONT. You can use any stencil font for the project. Using the free program Inkscape you can add the name to the pattern. Inkscape Link. Here is a link to a video showing how to import my patterns into Inkscape. VIDEO LINK.

You could also cut out individual letters and glue them to the plaque. Another easier way to add the name is to purchase pre-cut letters from Amazon. These letters are pretty large at 1 1/8" tall. With the printed pattern size, you will only get 5 or six letters for the name to fit. For longer names, you will need to extend the blank or print the pattern larger.

I also included a link to pre-cut letters that are just over 1/2" tall. You could probably get up to 11 letters of that size on the plaque.
These pre-cut letters are 1 1/8" tall.