Friday, December 14, 2018

Philippians 4:13 Scroll Saw Pattern.

This plaque is 10" X 8". It is two layers. You will have to be gentle with the top layer. There are several thin areas that can break with rough handling. Once you get it glued to the back layer it should be fine.

In the simulated image above I show the front layer painted red. I did this to make it stand out better in the image. You can use contrasting wood or whatever looks good to you.

Delta 40-694 Scroll Saw on sale at Amazon again:


$351.80 as of this post. That is almost a $50 savings on this machine. 

I keep up with the Amazon sales on this saw because I consider it a good value. I get several emails a month asking for my advice on buying a scroll saw. Folks know that I have owned or do own many of the scroll saws on the market. I have a pretty good feel for how these machines run and how reliable they are. I also get hundreds of emails from users of every brand of saw out there. I hear about the issues so I have built up a decent knowledge base on the problems. 

This saw is considerably better than any of the entry level saws and is priced low for a mid-level saw. Is the Delta perfect? No, but for the price, it is as good as there is on the market. Not everyone wants a $1000+ scroll saw. Unless you scroll a lot you don't need a $1000+ scroll saw. 

If you are looking to upgrade this Christmas this is at least one option to consider.

Papa's Workshop Giveaway: The Lifter. For the DeWalt DW-788 and the Delta 40-690 scroll saws.

Frank over at Papa's Workshop  is giving away one of his "The Lifter" products. Four days left to enter.

The Lifter is an accessory for owners of the